Group of walkers


Striders, Strollers & Stragglers


March - November (Alternate Thursdays)

Paid-up members of Moira Friendship Group are invited to join with the regular walkers on the dates shown overleaf. To ensure your place on the coach, please inform the office as early as possible before the walk date.

Our walk-leaders, who will be present to guide us on each walk, are fully trained by South Eastern Trust's Health Development Department. They will easily be identified as they will be wearing the 'official red' jacket/fleece/polo shirt when leading us.

As far as possible we pick venues to suit all levels of fitness. We divide our Group into three sections.

  • Striders - A long walk (2.5 - 3 miles) at a fairly brisk pace
  • Strollers (fast) - A short walk (1-2 miles) at a brisk pace
  • Strollers (slow) - A short walk (1-2 miles) at a more leisurely pace
  • Stragglers - A stroll not too far from the coach-parking area
There will always be one walk-leader for each section, but hopefully two.

Walking Schedule

* Walk leader in charge, "F:" - Front Leaders, "B:" - Back Leaders

Indicates late return home

Day Venue Walk Leaders
30th January 2019 Barnett Demesne F: Harry*, Tony, Liz, Pat
B: Phyllis*, Heather, Mary, Sam
30th November -0001 Loughgall F: Phyllis*, Sam, Muriel, Mary
B: Alistair*, Pat, Ina, Heather
5th April 2018 Loughgall F: Phyllis*, Judith, Heather, Jean Jamison
B: Bert, Mary Liz, Patsy
19th April 2018 Newtownabbey F: Stewart*, Yvonne, Liz, Hilda
B: Grace, Brenda, Heather, Phyllis
3rd May 2018 Portglenone F: Hilda*, Judith, LIz, Patsy
B: Alistair, Yvonne, Jean J, Jean G
17th May 2018 Murlough F: Stewart*, Brenda, Liz
B: Tony, Phyllis, Mary, Jean G
31st May 2018 Crawfordsburn F: Grace*, Daphne, Ina, Mary
B: John, Yvonne, Muriel, Hilda
14th June 2018 Lady Dixon Park F: Harry*, Heather, Liz, Patsy
B: Phyllis, Yvonne, Jean J, Bert
28th June 2018 Antrim Forum F: Phyllis*, Yvonne, Jean G, Patsy
B: Tony, Heather, Jean J, Liz
19th July 2018 Broughshane F: Stewart*, Pat, Sam, Liz
B: Brenda, Bert, Daphne, Muriel
2nd August 2018 Whitehead F: Grace*, Heather, Jean G, Patsy
B: Brenda, Mary, Jean J , Yvonne
16th August 2018 Lagan tow Path F: Pat*, Alistair, Daphne, Mary
B: John, Yvonne, Heather, Sam
30th August 2018 Clare Glen F: Bert*, Heather, Pat, Muriel
B: Tony, Alistair, Sam, Brenda
13th September 2018 Tullymore Forest (Bring a Picnic) F: Grace*, Pat, Sam, Ina
B: Harry, Heather, LIz, Judith
27th September 2018 The Argory F: Jean G*, Stewart, Brenda, Liz
B: Grace, Ina, Jean J, Patsy
11th October 2018 Castlewellen F: Stewart*, Bert, Liz, Hilda
B: Phyllis, Yvonne, Jean G, Muriel
25th October 2018 Victoria Park F: Harry*, Alistair, Liz, Judith
B: Phyllis, Yvoone, Ina, Hilda
8th November 2018 Gosford F: Grace*, Bert, Judith, Mary
B: Tony, Heather, Ina, Jean G
22nd November 2018 Portadown Boulevard F: Harry*, Phyllis, Yvonne, Liz, Patsy
B: Heather, Jean J, Jean G